Customer Portal – a deep dive

The Customer Portal in Housebuilder Pro gives small to medium-sized homebuilders the tools they need to compete with major businesses in the sector. The portal is vital for our homebuilders to provide better customer service. We’re going to explore the three use cases for our Customer Portal, explaining how it will improve your new home’s business.

This system provides a buyer with access to numerous features in Housebuilder Pro from wherever they have an internet connection! The portal can provide access to updates on a property, snags and even specify their dream home, empowering a greater level of customer service.

The aim is to save your team time, enabling them to pursue more sales and better customer service.

Customer Portal for new home snags

The Customer Portal uses a mobile-friendly design. It’s hosted online through the Housebuilder Pro platform. Providing access to this in Housebuilder Pro is very simple. All you need to do is navigate to your buyer’s plot and tick the box next to their contact details titled, “Provide access to Customer Portal”.

They’ll receive an email from the Housebuilder Pro system. Here they’ll then be able to sign up and use the portal. All information and data are safely and securely stored by the Housebuilder Pro system, in line with GDPR.

After doing so one of the features they can access is logging snags in from the property. Customers can have access to just build updates, choices, or snags. But better yet, your buyers can access any mixture of them. This all depends on how you want the portal set up to best benefit your business.

With access to snag logging through the Customer Portal, customers can identify issues with their property, without having to get directly in touch with your customer support team. The snags are sent through to your staff members in Housebuilder Pro for approval.

This resolves numerous issues faced by the customer service side of home building. After all, your customers work. Getting in touch with a customer support team during the working day can be tricky. The Customer Portal enables them to register issues with your team when they’ve got free time. Enabling your team to get issues sorted, hassle-free. A service that our home builder’s buyers really do appreciate.


Using the Customer Portal for choices and extras

Imagine this, Friday night after payday, glass of wine in hand. Your customers can spec their dream home. Better still from their current home on mobile, tablet or desktop.
Their choices are easily managed in the Housebuilder Pro system. This leads to happier customers, higher sale prices and healthier margins.

Their choices are relayed into Housebuilder Pro’s advanced choices management system. All so that your team can stay on top of this admin with ease.

Payments for these extras can be made through the Customer Portal. Once again done at their convenience. Your buyers can increase the sales price of their homes, without spending more time with your sales team. Freeing these staff to work on generating new leads and reservations.


Providing build updates

When a customer logs in to the Customer Portal, they’ll at first be greeted by a page that gives them information regarding their property. This page provides an update on where their plot is in the process.

While a simple step, this helps reduce the number of enquiries your team deal with from customers just checking up on their plot. As a result, your team have more time to manage other aspects of their job such as aftercare.

The Customer Portal in Housebuilder Pro is just one part of our full suite of tools designed to accelerate the new home sales process, from before foundation to beyond completion. Every aspect of the system when fully utilized empowers your business and staff to work optimally through the power of cloud computing.

How does the Customer Portal help my new home business grow?

These three aspects of the Housebuilder Pro Customer Portal not only save your team time and thus your business money. They also help you provide a more advanced and higher-quality experience to buyers.

Unlike other platforms for housebuilders, the actions taken in the Customer Portal link directly into the system. Housebuilder Pro allows your team to take a contact from first enquiry into their warranty, without relying on integrations between different platforms. The only end-to-end solution.

With better customer service and a higher quality experience, your business can provide a customer experience on par if not exceeding the most successful new home builders in the country. With this and our other tools, such as our complaint management and part L modules, you’ll prepare the ground for new levels of growth.


Testimonial from Tantallon Homes

Tantallon Homes are proud to work together with Housebuilder Pro to bring our clients, what we believe, is a strong customer service and communication solution, which covers their first contact, all the way through to the end of the ten-year warranty, in one easy to use package.

We also believe that the customer portal sets us apart from our competitors.  Providing the ability for our clients to sit in the comfort of their existing home, whilst pondering how they would like their new home to look, choosing colours and considering all the different options from our Distinctions range, ensures a relaxed start to what many find an overwhelming experience.  Since using Housebuilder Pro specifications and the portal, we have received nothing but positive comments on how the system has eased our clients through this process, with the ongoing support of our Sales Team.

After completion and move in, our clients are expressing how confident they feel knowing that if they do need to report any issues to us, the aftercare module provides up to date information and the confidence that everything is recorded correctly to comply with the warranty.  Without exception, they have commented how easy the system is to use.  To complete the circle, we have trained our contractors to use the system, this not only increases the level of communication but reduces the administration required by our in-house team.

The whole team at Tantallon Homes, uses Housebuilder Pro daily and finds that it supports and benefits our business, bringing all information in one place and at our fingertips.  We also greatly appreciate how proactive and responsive the Housebuilder Pro team are.

Without doubt Housebuilder Pro has proved to be a huge additional to Tantallon Homes.


We’re incredibly proud of this platform and what it does for our homebuilders. On our website, you’ll find numerous success stories with the platform including Tantallon Homes and Bargate Homes.

It can repeat these successes for you too. If you’re thinking about coming on board, get in touch with us here.


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