Technical Drawings

No more paper trails

Upload technical drawings of your developments, plots and house types to Housebuilder Pro. Co-ordinate your team with the latest updates to your properties and store them in the system. This helps optimise the organisation of your team and reduce paper trails, so time is better spent driving your business forward rather than searching for bits of paper.

Find a specific technical drawing using filters

Filing for old technical documents is a thing of the past with filters. Here, you can find specific drawings associated with specific plots and specific drawing types.

When adding a new drawing, simply specify its purpose and use our user-friendly drag and drop system

Files can be uploaded to the Technical Drawings module with a simple drag and drop feature. Simply give the drawing a description and save.

Revise existing drawings to ensure the latest versions are communicated to your users

Each drawing is assigned a unique drawing number, helping you keep your documents in order at the time of upload. Make revisions to your drawings, and a revision history is kept for future reference.

Allow all stakeholders associated with a plot to track progression with revision history

Revised drawings can be viewed as if they were a property flipbook, to show changes over time, uploaded by other users. This can serve the benefit of all stakeholders associated with a plot; site users, management teams and even the buyers themselves.

"The level of customer service from the Housebuilder Pro team is second-to-none; they are always open to suggestions and feedback, and they have shown infinite patience whilst we got used to the way everything works. We highly recommend Housebuilder Pro."

Gillian Hartridge, Tantallon Homes, Sales Manager

So how does this benefit you?


Gather important information associated with a house type or plot, allowing you to inform your buyers about the size and shape of rooms and the property itself. This allows buyers to begin planning the layout of their homes before the builds have even been completed.


Plan your room layout in advance thanks to to-scale accurate Technical Drawings uploaded by site and sales teams, giving you the ultimate glimpse into the future of your new home.


View and upload the latest drawings linked with plots and house types. This helps communicate to other site teams the latest construction requirements and helps inform sales teams and buyers on the latest progress.

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