Complaints resolved

Resolve complaints in-line with the NHQC Complaints Procedure with Housebuilder Pro’s handy software solution.

Easy tracking of complaints

Our team have built the ultimate solution to track complaints in line with the NHQC Complaints Procedure. Make sure you acknowledge, assess and resolve, and follow up with a 56-day letter in time.

Complaints overview

Within each plot in Housebuilder Pro, every complaint is individually tracked insuring that with problem properties, or problem customers. Your team are empowered to get each and every complaint resolved correctly.

"Signing up for Housebuilder Pro has been a great pleasure. There is something about the team that gives me confidence for a healthy long term relationship. Housebuilder Pro itself impressed us from the outset; we are always looking for ways to improve our internal systems and were impressed to find out that it not only does this, but also adds value to the customer experience that we provide"

Andrew French, Sales & Marketing Director, Bargate Homes

So how does this benefit you?


Take your level of customer service to new heights, improving overall customer satisfaction. Reduce the chances of of human error, creating a digital audit trail of the customer journey as opposed to paper trails and word-of-mouth. Combined, the result is improved operational efficiency and company reputation.


Remove the need for constant phone calls and endless paper trails with an all-in-one digital method of upselling new home product choices and extras, making for a stress free sales experience.


Receive a more personalised new-home buying experience, having the ability to choose optional extras without needing to ring sales teams or travel to sales offices. Make choices and customise your home at a time that suits you, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Remove the requirement to communicate with sales teams, viewing all the latest product choices on a site choices form for each plot, using on-site instances of Housebuilder Pro and your own site-user access-level account.

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