Sales Enquiries

Get a foot in your door

Housebuilder Pro allows you to track the progress of your sales enquiries and buyers, so you can efficiently guide them through the sales process from reservation to completion. Complete and store all of your reservation forms live in the system, whether it be the Early Bird, Full Reservation or Customer checklist. With Housebuilder Pro you can track all of your sales activities, create tasks, as well as filling out a handover certificate to move the property into its warranty period.

Capture sales enquiries and contacts using our simple interface

Filter contacts by source of enquiry, level of interest, creation date, development interest and more. With just a few clicks, locate your hottest leads and commence the sales process.

Import integrated enquiries in real time from third party channels and your website

Automatically create and import new contacts from Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, PrimeLocation, Mailchimp, your own website and more. Of course, you have the option to manually create new contacts, too.

Mark tasks as complete or flag for follow-up to keep your whole team up-to-date

Further along the sales pipeline, team members can set new tasks either for themselves or others, which are then pinned to the Housebuilder Pro dashboard with a follow-up date, avoiding missed appointments and unnecessary drop-offs.

Dashboard task and follow-up view helps your sales team manage their workload

Navigate to a contact that requires a follow-up the soonest via the dashboard, for efficient sales workflow, leaving no stone left unturned.

Remarket to your leads and keep them updated utilising Housebuilder Pro's emailing module

Send both personal and mass emails to Contacts in Housebuilder Pro, without the need to use third party platforms. Boost your sales efficiency and increase the likelihood of converting a lead.

"One of the real bonuses of using Housebuilder Pro software is being able to clearly see sales progress and record exactly where we are. We were originally looking for a sales database and found that Housebuilder Pro did not only that, but a whole lot more"

Paul Rosbrook, Finance & Operations Director, Fernham Homes

So how does this benefit you?


Analyse the performance of your sales teams by viewing all current leads and the chances of generating a sale from the sales statuses. Reap the rewards of streamlined sales efficiency, reducing drop off rates and removing opportunities of human-error related set backs such as missed follow-ups and meetings, all improving the chances of converting leads.


For sales teams, Sales Enquiry & CRM is your home. Implementing this system into your daily sales routine will prevent the need to check multiple different websites for enquiries and reduce the chances of missing deadlines and encountering drop-offs. Complete Early Bird Reservations and Full Reservation forms directly in the system with the help of digital signatures, giving you the ability to go completely paperless from the start of the customer journey right through to the end.


More efficient two-way communication. Due to the effects of sales teams' centralised sources of enquiry streams, customers can expect faster responses to their enquiries and smoother sales progression. Digital signatures also facilitates the possibility to complete legal documentation, such as reservation forms, from the comfort of their own homes.

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