Housebuilder Pro ‘an excellent addition’ to Tantallon Homes’ operations

Since Tantallon Homes of Cramlington, Northumberland joined the Housebuilder Pro ecosystem, they have been conducting their sales and aftercare operations with Housebuilder Pro software playing a central role. Tantallon Homes’ ethos surrounding continuous improvement led them to Housebuilder Pro. After six months of using the system, we had a chance to talk with Gillian Hartridge, Sales Manager at Tantallon Homes. Gillian said

“The team at Tantallon Homes have been using Housebuilder Pro for about six months now and we can honestly say that it has been an excellent addition to our business. The system is easy to use, the screens are clear and concise, and it operates in a common-sense way. The customer service from Josh, Nick and the team is second to none. The team are always open to suggestions and feedback, and they have shown infinite patience whilst we got used to the way everything works.

We highly recommend Housebuilder Pro”.

Housebuilder Pro once started out as a CRM solution but has since expanded into something that helps more than just sales and marketing departments; senior management teams, site teams and even the purchaser now all get their own fair share of value from the system. The system has evolved into something that aids every process, from the beginning to the end of the new-home lifecycle.

Recent changes to the system have seen new features that enhance aftercare, helping new home builders keep a lid on construction quality and even more recently, adhere to the  New Homes Quality Code.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer & Director at Housebuilder Pro said

“We’re very grateful for Gillian’s comments, not only about the system but also about us as a team – we’re very much apart of the package. We value the way we deliver customer service as much as the system itself. We very much look forward to the coming months, particularly our appearance at UK Construction Week in Birmingham next month where we hope to learn even more about construction and where else we may be able to provide value.”

If you are interested in what Housebuilder Pro has to offer, you can sign up for a free demo here.


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