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Housebuilder Pro allows you to track the progress of your buyers, so you can efficiently guide them through the sales process from reservation to completion. Complete and store all of your reservation forms live in the system, whether it be the Early Bird, Full Reservation or Customer checklist. With Housebuilder Pro you can track all of your sales activities, create tasks as well as filling out a handover certificate to move the property into its warranty period.

Dynamic reservation forms can be customised to suit your existing process

The Housebuilder Pro Admin section can be updated with all your important industry-related contacts, which are then prefilled into dropdown options within both Early Bird and Full Reservation forms, allowing you to customise your own reservation forms and remove the need to manually enter contact information multiple times, such as solicitors, sales advisors and finance companies.

Replace your paper forms and secure your data on our robust cloud platform

Legal documentation paper trails are the worst of all kind of paper trails. Digitising both Early Bird & Reservation forms behind a username and a password is a much improved way of keeping this data secure, and making losing reservation forms impossible.

A transparent reservation checklist ensures buyers are aware of your terms and conditions

The delicacy of the legal reservation process is acknowledged in Housebuilder Pro, including marketing consent sections, warranty information, customer code guides and more.

View the latest reservation data on the dashboard for instant team updates

Sales team members and senior management teams can both view all the latest data regarding reservation progress. View total reserved figures, total exchanged and reservations currently in progress on the Housebuilder Pro dashboard.

"We couldn't live without this system. It has totally streamlined our sales process and made our buyers' lives easier. We use it every day and it has had a positive impact on our business processes. We recommend to all developers!"

Adelle Sanderson, Business Development Manager, Charworth Homes

So how does this benefit you?


As reservations are carried out across all of your developments, you can see the latest data in real-time on the Housebuilder Pro dashboard. Here, analyses and forecasts can be made quickly and accurately for all the latest and future sales of your new homes. Cash flow forecasting is now far easier than ever before for new home builders.


Complete Early Bird Reservation forms, Full Reservation forms and Memorandum of Sale forms at speed, using a series of simplified dropdowns and fields. Here, information can not be missed out for the form to successfully generate, decreasing the chances of rejected legal forms from solicitors. The requirement for customers to travel to sign legal documentation is removed with the use of e-signatures, implemented into all legal documents within the system, creating a hassle-free sales experience for both sales team user and buyer.


Legal forms no longer require travel with the use of a fully digitised version of the reservation process. Legal documents can be completed from any location with an internet connection, with the MyHome Customer Portal taking centre stage. Housebuilder Pro system users are able to mark plots as 'legally complete' and 'complete', which notify customers via the MyHome Customer Portal. Users of the system will be able to receive the news that their property is ready to move into, without the requirement for any phone call or meeting.

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