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A cut above the rest

Housebuilder Pro allows you to manage all of your snags directly in the system, streamlining the process between your customers and contractors. With easy visibility of your properties and snags, Housebuilder Pro ensures a great experience for both the site manager and customer. A quality method of carrying out quality assurance.

Easily maintain your house type specifications and product catalogue

Create a specification for each house type, linking products, product groups and areas together, so you can allow your buyers to easily customise their new homes with bespoke requests.

Generate a site view of customer choices for site teams, to help turn wish-lists into reality

Once the buyer has completed their choices list either in the MyHome Customer Portal or in the Housebuilder Pro system itself, system users can generate a site view form for site users.

"Housebuilder Pro is an excellent tool to help ensure we are working as efficiently as possible, enabling us to enhance our sales process to customers and be able to provide them with an online ‘one stop shop’ for all documentation and guarantees associated with their property for 10 years after the sale"

Richard Shackleton MD, Shropshire Homes

So how does this benefit you?


Build quality is imperative to the reputation of your business as a new home construction company. Housebuilder Pro's in depth snagging module helps you put your buyers first, both during the construction process and up to 10 years afterwards, in parallel with the NHBC warranty period. View analytics of snag types across all of your developments in Reports for the ultimate oversight, so you can analyse your overall quality of output at a glance.


The NHBC 10 year warranty period gives you, the customer, 10 whole years to report aftercare quality problems utilising the MyHome Customer Portal. Here, snags can be created, uploaded and saved, visible by all users in the system, including site users, so snag issues can be easily assigned and resolved by the house builder.


For those with roles focused on quality assurance and customer care, the inspection snag module in Housebuilder Pro is imperative to your operations. Here, you can upload new snags at whim, along with notes and imagery, streamlining communication with site teams.


Receive snag updates from sales teams live in the system, removing the requirement for excessive amounts of meetings and phone calls. Barriers to communication are torn down with the facility to upload snag photographs, compatible with tablets and a range of other smart devices, removing the need for unnecessary follow-ups and confirmation checks on faults and issues.

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