Customer Portal

The key to the door

Housebuilder Pro gives your customers revolutionary access to their property through the HBP Customer Portal. Give your buyer their own login into a buyer-focused portal, giving them full access to their property from anywhere. Allow your buyers to view their documents, track the progress on their purchase, make a choices wish list, and add aftercare snags for site review. This not only provides your customers a fantastic buying experience, but also saves unnecessary phone calls and appointments for the housebuilder. A win-win.

Issue a dedicated login to all of your buyers after reservation

Users of Housebuilder Pro are able to give buyers access to their essential property information from anywhere at the press of a button. Buyers receive an email link, which allows them to set a username and password and get instant access from anywhere with an internet connection. On smartphones, tablets and computers.

Customers can make choices from anywhere and build their dream home

Buyers with access to the HBP Customer Portal are given the ability to fully customise their homes with the latest product options set by admin users of the main Housebuilder Pro system. An exemplary addition to the customer journey.

Full visibility of the sales process, from anywhere

Buyers are able to see the latest updates to their property in the system, so they know where they sit in the sales process and build process, and how close they are to moving into their dream home.

Customers can directly add their aftercare snags in the system for your review

Aftercare snags can be added to the HBP Customer Portal, which are directly reflected for users of the main Housebuilder Pro system. Making their voices heard, and allowing you to take immediate action.

"Housebuilder Pro has allowed us to further improve our customer service, as snags and other data can be entered in a few clicks. Our buyers can see every stage of their build without needing to chase for updates"

Adelle Sanderson, Business Development Manager, Charworth Homes

So how does this benefit you?


The HBP Customer Portal allows you to exceed expectations as a house builder, in effortless fashion. We know you are concerned about the latest quality regulations, as are other companies in your industry. Implementing this feature into your customer journey is effortless and adds that little extra to the buyer experience. We want to help you make your buyers' most significant purchase of their lives even more memorable.


Two-way communication takes up a lot of sales teams in all industries. Utilising the HBP Customer Portal allows this to be seamless, and remove the need for regular visits by your buyers to receive the latest information and to sign the latest documents. So you can dedicate more time in your day to generating leads.


The most significant purchase of your life is likely bringing around great pressure and making you ask a lot of questions. The HBP Customer Portal helps you get those questions answered, and help you spend less time on the phone and less time visiting sales offices. A mutually beneficial medium for all parties. Choosing product choices and extras is now far easier, and you can now do it in the comfort of your own home from your tablet or smartphone.

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