A window into your business operations and performance

View and analyse real-time data from all modules across the Housebuilder Pro system. Including buyer positions, property interest, sales statuses, sales forecasting, sources of enquiries, snag types, contact statuses, resolution times, build statuses and new contact creation data.

Contact interest data at your fingertips

Gather insight on the amount of contacts interested in a development right down to a specific day in a given month. Spot trends, and analyse your target market to develop future commercial strategies.

View sources of enquiry data of all contacts

Track your sale and marketing progress by locating the origin of your new home buyers and where the first touchpoints were with your business, allowing you to analyse and measure your sales and marketing efforts across the board.

Get a clear look at customer sales statuses relevant to specific developments and plots

See a breakdown of all customer sales statuses across all your developments and plots, so you can see how your plots are progressing in real-time using a simple colour coded interface.

Get sales forecasting insights for each plot under each development

Get a glimpse into the future by viewing a breakdown of sales forecasts, bespoke to each plot, including sales prices, deposits, exchange dates and completion dates. Planning the next quarter has never been easier.

Keep a lid on quality with real-time snag type reports

Quality assurance is essential to the reputation of any construction company, but none other than new home builders. See a breakdown of your most common snag types, so you can evaluate which step of the construction process needs the most attention to keep your buyers happy.

"Housebuilder Pro is great software with a vision to help residential developers better manage themselves and their customers. 100% recommend for construction"

Matt Suton, 4G / 5G Installation Engineer, Tardis 4G

So how does this benefit you?


Reports are a senior management team's best friend. Analyse your overall commercial performance and identify potential areas of weakness with a wide scope, whether that be sales, construction, marketing, customer satisfaction and snag resolution times. Arm yourself with the data you need to continuously improve your products and services.


Analyse sales progress with Reports, being able to view an overview of sales statuses across plots under your developments of interest. Here, sales teams can see, at a glance, which plots require attention the soonest and which are closest to completing. This allows you to plan your sales progression strategy.


View the most common construction quality-related data with the Snag Types report, enabling quality inspection teams to easily identify areas of construction which require improvement. With the Snag Overview report, see all snags down to the fine details and who they are assigned to. Here, quality inspection teams are able to analyse resolve times which can be fed back to management and site teams.

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