How housing associations benefit from Housebuilder Pro

How Housing Associations benefit from Housebuilder Pro

Housing associations play a vital role in providing affordable housing options to individuals and families in need. As a non-profit organization, you face unique challenges in managing operations efficiently and effectively. The team at Housebuilder Pro recognise the importance of housing associations’ work and believes that it’s our platform’s duty to make these organisations’ processes that bit easier.

The Housebuilder Pro platform supports both new home builders and housing associations in their business enterprises. The largest and most innovative new home CRM, Housebuilder Pro is uniquely placed to serve your needs.

The system itself has numerous features designed to support housing associations. These include shared ownership functionality, clear marking of housing association plots, tentative house type, rentals and shared equity. Numerous Housing Associations are using Housebuilder Pro to great success.

Housebuilder Pro is designed to streamline and optimize, the housi­ng construction process. In this article, we will explore how housing associations can benefit from using Housebuilder Pro and enhance their ability to provide affordable housing to their communities.

Ensuring quality and compliance with regulatory requirements is critical in the construction of affordable housing. Housing associations need to comply with building codes, safety regulations, and other industry standards to ensure that their housing units are safe, durable, and meet the needs of their target population.

The New Homes Quality Code applies to outright sales. Alongside the New Homes Ombudsman, this is one major change for new builds. Housing associations, like all home builders, need to be prepared to meet these standards.

Housebuilder Pro provides housing associations with valuable data and insights. The system generates real-time reports and analytics that provide visibility into development progress, finances, and issues like snags.

These reports are produced in easily digestible and shareable formats. It’s easy for your team to analyse and assess these. But also share them with members of your team, just one more way that collaboration is made easier with Housebuilder Pro. With Housebuilder Pro it is easier than ever before to make data-driven choices that will improve your housing association.

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