Good news for housebuilders as prices rise by 0.8%.

With many looking to tighten their belts through the cost-of-living crisis for many parts of the housing market, the situation seemed bleak to say the least. Halifax report that house prices increased by +0.8% in March. A marginal gain, but to see growth in revenue beyond this increase you have to look to other areas of your business.


Firstly, you need to look at efficiency, bringing all your team onto one software platform will reduce the amount of time they spend chasing paper trails and maintaining spreadsheets.


Secondly, your company need to look at how you manage your customers. Providing them with access to a digital portal where they can contact you in regard to upgrades to their new home is an excellent way to increase profit margins. Housebuilder Pro users who maximise this opportunity can see an increase of 8% in their sale price.


Lastly, you need access to immediate reporting tools that pull data from across your entire enterprise. Everything from where your leads come from to your common aftercare issues. All of this information needs to be easily accessible to allow your management team to identify where you’re losing money and rectify these issues.


March’s increase sees the average house price now sitting at £287,880. Below where they were in Q3 last year but a sign that the homes industry is resilient and ripe for investment.


In a statement from Kim Kinnaird, Director, Halifax Mortgages said:

“Overall these latest figures continue to suggest relative stability in the housing market at the start of 2023 and align with many other recent industry surveys and data. This has been characterised by a partial recovery in activity and transactions, especially when compared to the significant drops seen at the end of last year, with latest Bank of England data showing mortgage approvals rising for the first time in six months.”


Kinnaird continues to explain this resilient market is a result of low unemployment and the easing of mortgage rates from last year. As a result, the demand for homes is up and so are prices.


The team at Housebuilder Pro are ready to help you as a homebuilder make the most of this market uptick. The most innovative CRM, the end to end service accelerates your sales process.


With a seamless transition, handled by the onboarding team, starting to use Housebuilder Pro couldn’t be easier.


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