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The key tenets of Housebuilder Pro’s philosophy are to be efficient, easy to use and to improve every part of your business.

Housebuilder Pro manages every aspect of a customer’s new home building enterprise. As an end-to-end service we really do mean this, from first contact to the end of the warranty period.

Along the way we’ve developed a plethora of features and facilities to achieve this. One of the most valuable features for our customers are the choices and extras facility. Housebuilder Pro has an in-built streamlined system that enables home builders’ vast offerings of customisable items.

All our users have unique custom options. This includes everything from the style of light switches and the colour of kitchen tiles. This does not stop with small items but goes all the way up to double ovens and garden water features.

Housebuilder Pro automatically adjusts the pricing on the property across all of its systems, keeping all of your team on the same page.

While many of these options are often free of charge, these small changes add up. When our users have customers specify their dream home, this usually increases the price by around 10%. This carries over to considerably higher margins.

Home builders can run their customers through these options, but their home buyers can also access these options in the myHome customer portal.

For many of our users, the ability to offer these choices with such ease was impossible before Housebuilder Pro.

One of our larger home builders Tantallon Homes said: “Housebuilder Pro has allowed Tantallon Homes to fulfil our promised to our customers to make their new home ‘Distinctively Yours’ by giving us the tools to successfully manage the choices and extras process.  Working in conjunction with the myHome portal and our sales team, customers are able to make decisions both at home and on site, therefore feeling in control of a very important part of the customer journey.  From a business perspective, the system provides a collaborative and seamless connection between all members of our team, contractors and accounts, minimising the potential for error and ultimately maximising profit margins and customer satisfaction.”

The ability to customise properties enables Housebuilder Pro users to maximise their revenue and offer the best service to their home buyers. This feature is just one of the facilities that makes Housebuilder Pro the largest and most innovative CRM for new home builders.

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