Noble Homes and Housebuilder Pro, one year later

Noble Homes joined the Housebuilder Pro ecosystem in the Summer of 2021 after an initial search for a customer service application. Glen Wilson, Senior Executive at Noble Homes, said

“Upon presentation of Housebuilder Pro we found the additional benefits of it commencing from reservation point all the way to build and legal completion, to be a benefit for both builder and customer. Our customers love the aftercare part where all the snags can be managed between both parties, and follow up notes can be used to keep them fully informed of the process.

We utilise the notifications and document filing to include even our solicitors, which saves time having to send independent emails which can get lost in the ether; all the documents are available to view at all times.

While the software was in its infancy initially, the team at Housebuilder Pro are constantly upgrading and adding parts as more users appear and more suggestions are conveyed, which can only bode well for the future growth of Housebuilder Pro”.

Housebuilder Pro began trading in 2020, initially focusing on CRM functionality and property management. Since then, the product has expanded into other areas with a vacancy for digital transformation within the new home building sector, adding features aimed at streamlining aftercare, and even some parts of the construction process itself. While software is out there for all these different functions, Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer & Director at Housebuilder Pro, recognises that internal collaboration would simply be easier if all these functions were covered by one single system. He said

“Time is treating Housebuilder Pro very well. The more customers we onboard, the more feedback we receive and the more comprehensive the system becomes. Soon enough, Housebuilder Pro will have worked its way into every corner of the new home construction process, helping every team member regardless of function. That’s our goal, as ambitious as it sounds. We have a very talented team and seeing how far the system has come on in such a short amount of time, nothing is off the table”.

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