Feature Spotlight: Plot Timelines

Visibility over the new home sales process is something that has been apart of the Housebuilder Pro vision since the beginning.

For the house purchaser, they can view build stages in the MyHome Customer Portal. Here, they can see exactly where their newly-purchased property is in its life cycle and can see just how close they are to moving in. This saves your sales teams a lot of time answering phone calls from anticipating customers. Timelines, however, are for the sales teams themselves.

We know that sales, particularly new home sales, can feel like juggling. Remembering where you left off with one customer while catering for others is a tricky task in an industry with such high demand. Housebuilder Pro allows sales team users to navigate to a plot and see exactly what the latest updates are with regards to making a sale, right from from the initial enquiry all the way through to handover. This acts as a reminder, so you know exactly where you, or a colleague, left off.

Each timeline event can be added as an activity stage by a user. Here are the following types of activity stage you can select from when adding to at plot timeline:

Contracts sent out and received
Financially qualified
Help to buy applied for
Help to buy approved
Mortgage applied for
Mortgage offer received
Plan check and D.O.I. form completed
Searches applied for
Searches received
Solicitor instructed
Valuation instructed
Valuation survey completed

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