Charworth Homes: End-to-end transformation

Charworth Homes signed in October 2021 following a demo with Housebuilder Pro’s Head of Business Development, Nick Taylor. At the time of signing, Nick said

“The Charworth Homes team have an admirable attitude towards delivering the best possible customer service – something that we can meet with regards to a digital solution”.

Eight months later, Housebuilder Pro has been fully integrated into the Charworth Homes ecosystem. The impact of these changes has been felt not only internally, but by their purchasers too. Adelle Sanderson, Business Development Manager at Charworth Homes said:

“We couldn’t live without this system! It has totally streamlined our sales process and made our buyers’ lives easier. We use it every day and it has had a positive impact on our business processes. It has allowed us to further improve our customer service, as snags etc can be entered in a few clicks. Our buyers can see every stage of their build without needing to chase for updates. We recommend to all developers!”

Housebuilder Pro’s MyHome Customer Portal allows new-home buyers of Housebuilder Pro customers to view, in real-time, exactly where their property is along the timeline. From planning through to completion. This saves sales teams time, not having to answer phone calls to customers enquiring about their recently purchased new build.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer & Director at Housebuilder Pro said

“Hearing feedback like this is great. It lets us know how close we are to achieving our goals, even if the goal posts are always moving! That’s what it’s all about. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for both Charworth Homes and Housebuilder Pro.”

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