Fernham Homes: From spreadsheets to limitless CRM

Fernham Homes have been building homes of exceptional quality in the South East of England for over 20 years and is an award-winning housebuilder. The company has developed an excellent reputation over the years, recently being awarded a 96% rating for its customer service.

Fernham Homes have been a valued Housebuilder Pro customer since October 2020 and is, so far, the fastest new home builder to join us from the point of the initial enquiry. Fernham Homes signed up within a mere 7 days. What motivated Fernham Homes to make such a swift decision? How are they benefitting from using Housebuilder Pro daily?

Fernham Homes are always looking for ways to improve their customer service. In October 2020, Paul Rosbrook (Finance & Operations Director at Fernham Homes), was on the hunt for a sophisticated sales database. Coming across Housebuilder Pro’s website, Paul’s first impressions were solid.

“Housebuilder Pro looked like it could accommodate all of our sales CRM needs but with a lot of additional functionality”.

In the space of 24 hours, Paul connected with Housebuilder Pro’s Head of Business Development on LinkedIn and booked a free demo. Viewing the software, Paul was impressed with the transparency Housebuilder Pro offers regarding the sales process with our sales enquiry and CRM module. Within 7 days, Fernham Homes began onboarding Housebuilder Pro software.


The team at Housebuilder Pro have years of experience working with firms small and large. Housebuilder Pro software is designed to deal with even the largest of workloads; the importation of data such as contacts, is done without a hitch. Fernham Homes’ data was transferred flawlessly.

Fernham Homes received complimentary training, which is provided to all customers. These sessions allow the users to get the best possible value from the system. These are part of what is included in the Housebuilder Pro package, with onboarding and future sessions being delivered free-of-charge. Our team travel across the country to deliver these sessions and can also be delivered online should the need arise. This was the case with Fernham Homes, where their training session was delivered via Microsoft Teams. Here, they were shown each part of the system in detail and had all their questions answered.

Ongoing service

Housebuilder Pro’s ethos surrounding continuous improvement means that we are dedicated to the future of Housebuilder Pro software and take feedback seriously. Fernham Homes approached the team and suggested additional data visualisation tools, to monitor other vital aspects of their business operations. We gave them an answer; additional reports were added to the system, including snag types and snag overview data (you can learn more about Housebuilder Pro Reports here). Paul Rosbrook of Fernham Homes said

“We are impressed that the team at Housebuilder Pro are able to listen to our needs and act on them, with continuous development of the system”.

As a result of implementing Housebuilder Pro software, Fernham Homes have complete transparency over their day-to-day sales operations and are able to make decisions efficiently thanks to real-time data visualisations. Paul added that

“One of the real bonuses of using Housebuilder Pro software is being able to clearly see sales progress and record exactly where we are”.

Fernham Homes have found Housebuilder Pro tremendously useful; using the software extensively on a daily basis with over 100 properties listed in the system already, and with plans in place for the business to grow to 250 units per annum, Housebuilder Pro will be able to facilitate their growth comfortably.

Month on month we are adding new features, fine tuning the existing system and onboarding new customers. We are really starting to make a difference.

Improve your efficiency and workflow with Housebuilder Pro. For business enquiries and more information, contact info@housebuilderpro.co.uk or get in touch with us by phone at 01743 644821.


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