Wheatcroft Homes added to the growing list of Housebuilder Pro users

The team at Housebuilder Pro are excited to welcome Wheatcroft Homes, the second new home construction firm to implement the software in the space of 30 days.

Wheatcroft Homes, based in Leicester, was launched in 1989 and have prided themselves on delivering exceptional quality developments and customer service ever since. “As a small but dedicated team, we not only bring agility, experience and strategic expertise, but also a personal, hands-on service built on trust, integrity and openness”.

Nick Taylor, Head of Business Development at Housebuilder Pro stated that

“Housebuilder Pro has come on leaps and bounds over the last few months and is shaping up to be something really powerful. The software is constantly breaking new ground. We set ourselves extremely high standards at the start of this journey to truly make a difference and our customers are beginning to reap the rewards. Wheatcroft Homes will experience the same benefits. We are excited to have them on board”.

Catherine Haward, Managing Director at Wheatcroft Homes said

“I was looking for some new cloud-based CRM software that would enable us to manage enquiries efficiently and effectively from the first point of contact, through the reservation, sale completion and moving in process and beyond. When I stumbled across Housebuilder Pro during a Google search it seemed to tick all the boxes, as well as offer additional management tools that would enable us to streamline our processes.

I particularly liked the fact we could have customer aftercare, snag reporting and management within the same platform, rather than using different software for that element of the customer’s journey with us. The system is very easy to use and there are some simple and effective ways of tracking the progress of every enquiry, reservation, sale, and managing follow up enquiries.

The contact and help we have received so far from the Housebuilder Pro team has been excellent and they are doing all they can to ensure the data held in our previous system is captured and transferred across to Housebuilder Pro without any loss of data”.

Housebuilder Pro is a full end to end project management software system offering complete administration and operational support throughout the life cycle of the new home build, sale, and aftercare process. Our cloud-based application includes customer relationship management tools and a built-in smart customer reservation form and activity tracker to aid efficient sales progression.

Improve your efficiency and workflow with Housebuilder Pro. For business enquiries and more information, contact info@housebuilderpro.co.uk or get in touch with us by phone at 01743 644821.


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