Housebuilder Pro now integrates with Yourkeys

Yourkeys is the first software platform to offer a completely integrated solution to accelerate the time to exchange, while giving every stakeholder the ability to track the purchase process in real-time in the housebuilding industry. Automating the transaction process, Yourkeys allows for greater transparency and consistency.

Yourkeys’ founder, Riccardo Dawson, recognised how painful the buying and selling process was for all parties. Buying a new home is often referred to as ‘the most stressful experience in modern life’. Yourkeys aims to add speed, efficiency and transparency to the housebuilding transaction process, taking the pressure off all relevant stakeholders with the sale of a new home.

Housebuilder Pro shares a similar philosophy, making for a fantastic collaboration. Nick Taylor, Head of Business Development at Housebuilder Pro said:

“We are very proud to form this alignment with Yourkeys and to integrate our systems, inevitably improving productivity and efficiency for our clients”.

As a result of this new collaboration, Housebuilder Pro users can now utilise Yourkeys’ industry changing digital reservation capabilities and track sales progression in real-time, all through Housebuilder Pro’s platform. Housebuilder Pro users will now be able to maximise the use of both systems without having to switch separately between the two.

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