Housebuilder Pro: Who you’ll meet

Housebuilder Pro is propelled by software pioneers Shoothill and the invaluable construction industry knowledge of Shingler Homes. Shoothill have over 15 years’ experience developing custom software solutions. Shingler Homes have been in the business of building exceptional quality homes for over 25 years. Behind all this expertise are an approachable team that will guide you every step of the way during your time with Housebuilder Pro. Let’s meet them.

Nick Taylor, Head of Business Development

Nick Taylor (pictured top left) is your first point of contact for all things Housebuilder Pro related. Nick has over 14 years of experience in business operations and has an unmatched passion for sales. Should you be interested in what Housebuilder Pro has to offer, Nick would love to speak with you!

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer & Director

Simon Jeavons (pictured top middle) has over 20 years of experience in business operations. Simon’s responsibilities include meeting the demands of existing customers and collaborating with the team internally on project design. Also responsible for monitoring internal operations, he leads from the front and coordinates all the members of our business operations team. Simon has an unparalleled professional attitude as well as a great sense of humour.

Erik Nodland, Chief Technical Officer

Erik Nodland (pictured top right) is one of two founders of Housebuilder Pro’s parent company Shoothill. Erik’s technical talent has been the catalyst for Shoothill’s success over the years. Erik’s main responsibilities involve leading the development team and orchestrating the deliverance of projects to customers.

Ryan Lloyd, Digital Marketing Executive

Ryan Lloyd (pictured bottom left) is Housebuilder Pro’s newest member of the team, having joined towards the end of 2020. Ryan’s day-to-day responsibilities involve posting to social media, writing content for the website (including this!) and drafting press releases for all Housebuilder Pro related announcements. Housebuilder Pro’s online activity is coordinated by Ryan.

Josh Welch, Service Delivery Coordinator

Josh Welch (pictured bottom middle) works very closely with the Housebuilder Pro development team to ensure that the right parts of the system are getting the right attention. A significant part of Josh’s day to day responsibilities involves ensuring the seamless delivery of service to Housebuilder Pro’s customers and that their issues are addressed, and questions are answered with professionalism and punctuality.

David Bissell, Head of Design

David Bissell (pictured bottom right) has the essential role of coordinating the aesthetics and functionality of the Housebuilder Pro system. Dave works closely with the development team to ensure that the system is being built correctly and each feature is being implemented the way it was designed to work. Dave also works very closely with marketing to ensure that distributed graphics correctly reflect the overall branding of the system.

As well as those mentioned above, Housebuilder Pro has a talented team of developers and senior directors that work behind the scenes to ensure that you receive unparalleled customer service and a polished product. Should you have any questions about the system, ourselves, or booking a demo, feel free to drop us an email at any time.

Improve your efficiency and workflow with Housebuilder Pro. For business enquiries and more information, contact or get in touch with us by phone at 01743 644821.


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