Case study: Noble Homes – Accelerating sales and reservations

When customers are looking to come on board with Housebuilder Pro, Sales Director Nick Taylor will take these future clients through a demo of the system. An industry expert with experience in the Housebuilder Pro system, Nick is perfectly prepared to showcase the system’s plethora of strengths.


However, when Noble Homes began this process back in 2021, the Senior Executive, Glen Wilson, asked to go another route. Gaining access to the demo system, he learnt the system by himself. Having his own experience within Estate Agency, Conveyance and Developing, he quantified and adopted the system quickly, and indeed added further value, via our Feedback portal, which we encourage all clients to do. He was also easily able to transfer his knowledge and the benefits within the system, to his staff.


Noble Homes fully make use of the streamlining features that are in-built into the Housebuilder Pro system. They make particular use of the accelerated reservation process that Housebuilder Pro facilitates, including automated notifications to their panel of solicitors, whom have also adopted Housebuilder Pro, and they have themselves commented that they wish other developers used the same system, as its ease of use and time saving, is absolutely top notch.


As Housebuilder Pro is a cloud-based solution for managing your developments and sales, an end-to-end new homes software solution it allows for seamless collaboration across your staff. No more chasing paper-trails across an office, or as Glen says, no more ‘missing’ emails, particularly with plot certification or customer snags.


There are numerous benefits to this. In the case of Noble Homes, this vastly accelerates their reservation, sales, conveyance process and aftercare, which all have automated notifications. For example, upon receipt of said notification by their solicitor of a new sales memo, the contracts are sent out to the buyer’s solicitor, all on day one. Their customers love the snagging process, which is visible to all parties on its progression via its notifications. Whilst most new homes do experience snags, this process actually keeps the relationship between the customer and developer in a positive manner, as they can see that action is being taken to solve the issue. Win win for all.


With the recent change to the building regulations, Housebuilder Pro accommodates the vast number of photographs now required during the building process, Noble Homes also use it to review future snags by comparing photographs after a customer has moved in and the inevitable ‘scratch’ appears, you now hold proof of before and after, a huge saving in some circumstances and gives added value.


In summary from Glen, Housebuilder Pro has taken away the risk of communication and absent emails, enhanced the reservation process, improved the conveyance connection and most importantly keeps his customers happy, and in his own words, ‘I don’t even use the software to its full capacity yet, as it keeps growing week on week, highly recommended for all developers, large, medium or small’.


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