Housebuilder Pro’s tips for Part L success

Part L is a major change to the industry. From June 15th you’ll need to keep photographic evidence and accompanying data regarding major steps in construction.

As the new home industry’s only complete end-to-end CRM we understood that our housebuilders would need this to be covered by the Housebuilder Pro system. As a result, the entire team sat down to understand this regulation change before development. These tips come from this process.

There are many ways to stay ahead. For example:

  • While certain major milestones will always need documentation, e.g a property’s foundations, each property will need different stages documenting.
  • You need to back up all your Part L records in the cloud. As a home builder, you’ll need to keep these records for 15 years.
  • Train your staff to make Part L compliant photographic evidence reports. It’s the home builder’s responsibility to comply with regulations. So you need to take full responsibility of understanding this process.
  • Keep organised folders or use a dedicated system to make sure you can access information. This means you can easily make records accessible to energy assessors and your building control body.
  • Doing all of this manually will take your staff lots of time and ultimately cost you as a home builder, making this process as efficient as possible will decrease any time and financial losses as much as possible.
  • Equip your staff with the correct technology. Those on site making records need to mark evidence against GPS coordinates, ready for inspection.

Housebuilder Pro’s solution implements a streamlined process for storing photographs and attached information. Like all features in Housebuilder Pro, this has been developed in conjunction with our builders.

The system can notify SAP assessors when key stages have been submitted for approval. This stops any delay in the build process waiting for the paperwork. Once completed, a SAP Assessor can award an EPC Certificate to the customer and this can all be managed in Housebuilder Pro. 

Housebuilder Pro’s solution automates the administration of complying with Part L. With safeguards in place to make sure each process that needs to be reported, is done. The customer support team will train your staff to get the most out of the system and that you are able to fully comply with Part L regulations.

Nick Taylor, Sales Director for Housebuilder Pro said: “As one of our customer’s main points of contact, I know that Part L has been a massive source of anxiety. With this in mind, our solution answers their concerns. Any home builder struggling with this change should get in touch with me to have a chat”.

The system is designed to allow all new home builders to have the tools they need to offer the very best in customer service and homes.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Housebuilder Pro said: “Part L is incredibly simple but represents a bureaucratic nightmare for many businesses. Exactly the sort of problem that Housebuilder Pro is there to solve. As a result, we’ve worked hard to understand the problem and execute the solution.

What we’ve produced is the perfect example of not only the spirit of Housebuilder Pro, but of the team’s capabilities, be that in customer care, design or development.”

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