Housebuilder Pro’s Nick Taylor promoted to Sales Director

The team at Housebuilder Pro are excited to announce the promotion of Nick Taylor from ‘Head of Business Development’ to ‘Sales Director’.

Nick has played a major role in Housebuilder Pro’s success since the product first went to market in the last quarter of 2020.

The journey over the last 2 years has involved extensive amounts of learning – mainly hearing out the problems of a traditional new home developer and coming up with a digital solution, and bringing it all together in one comprehensive software package. Nick has played a central role in this process, putting the software in front of new eyes up and down the country.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Housebuilder Pro said

“Every new customer we welcome on board is a new opportunity to learn, and these opportunities to learn are presented to us by Nick. Nick has played a crucial role over the last couple of years, and we hope this success will continue.”

Nick said

“It’s been quite a busy couple of years, but we’re still hungry. We’re quite the ambitious bunch and we can’t wait to see what the system may look like 2 years from now.”

You can take a closer look at the Housebuilder Pro system by booking a free demo here.


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