Housebuilder Pro 2020: A Year in Review

2020 has been a fantastic year for Housebuilder Pro despite the bumps and hurdles regarding the global pandemic and national restrictions. The Housebuilder Pro software system and website have received huge updates and the brand has taken on board a whole host of new customers from all over the country. As well as this, Housebuilder Pro has collaborated with a widely respected industry-related company, all for one simple purpose: to make Housebuilder Pro the best it can be. This year is one for the books. Let us take a closer look at the highlights.

In the summer, Shropshire Homes took on board Housebuilder Pro software – a major leap forward and a major landmark for the Housebuilder Pro brand. In August, Housebuilder Pro welcomed a new Business Development Manager, Nick Taylor. Since Nick’s arrival, Housebuilder Pro has started to develop a significant presence in the marketplace; Nick has become a major catalyst for Housebuilder Pro’s success. Housebuilder Pro continues to grow at a rapid pace with Nick behind the wheel.

September saw Macbryde Homes join the ever-expanding list of housing development firms to take on board Housebuilder Pro software. Also, during this month, Housebuilder Pro welcomed Ryan Lloyd to the team as a Digital Marketing Executive, responsible for Housebuilder Pro’s social media presence and press releases. Since Ryan has joined, Housebuilder Pro’s pages, particularly LinkedIn, has seen a significant increase in impressions and followers. Also, during this month, the Housebuilder Pro website received a fantastic update, improving overall functionality and aesthetic.

Towards the end of this year, the Housebuilder Pro machine was seen running at maximum capacity with new business, new launches and collaborations. October saw Housebuilder Pro take on board Wavensmere Homes as a new customer. Ever since, like other customers, the two parties have been working extensively to ensure the smooth transition of Wavensmere Homes’ existing systems.

November was easily the busiest month of the year for Housebuilder Pro. Site Tracker was launched to the public in November, free of charge, Housebuilder Pro’s pandemic related contribution to the housebuilding industry. Site Tracker was greatly received by those that implemented the system. Housebuilder Pro also welcomed Fernham Homes as a customer during this month. Housebuilder Pro also announced the seamless integration of Tardis 4G systems with its software, a huge leap forward for the Housebuilder Pro brand, since the software is cloud based and requires an internet connection.

Housebuilder Pro is constantly evolving and being updated. The brand is expanding rapidly, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for 2021.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Housebuilder Pro.


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