Housebuilder Pro to allow seamless Tardis 4G integration

Tardis is the UK’s leading 4G and IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity provider to the construction industry. Tardis 4G connectivity allows construction workers to access the internet in the most unlikely of locations where traditional broadband is not yet available.

New housing development plots often take several weeks and sometimes months to get access to the internet via traditional methods such as fibre connections, in which are only usually fully installed and connected just before residents move into the newly constructed houses.

Today, we at Housebuilder Pro are excited to officially announce the seamless integration of Tardis 4G, allowing construction workers across the United Kingdom access to Housebuilder Pro software in the most isolated and unlikely locations. Tardis 4G, in their own words in their promotional video, proudly state that:

Having connected 29,000 sites in the past 21 years, we have not yet found a site we could not install a 4G network on. Put us to the test!

We know that having a secure network connection is essential for accessing Housebuilder Pro services which is why we are proud to have this secure relationship in place with Tardis to ensure that our software can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. Nick Taylor, Business Development Manager at Housebuilder Pro commented on this new relationship:

“We are incredibly happy to be forming this collaboration, after having first-hand experience with the lack of broadband availability when you move into a new home. Tardis 4G fills this gap by providing temporary broadband solutions to all residences. Collectively, we are helping our customers by providing unparalleled technology and connectivity solutions”.

A video explaining Tardis 4G connectivity:

Image: Tardis 4G router allowing seamless construction site broadband


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