Housebuilder Pro Ltd Service Level Agreement


Development – any development required on the customer system as defined by the Customer team

System User – this refers to a customer administrator or user

Issue – a problem, concern, enquiry, change request, or suggestion reported that affects or involves the operation of the Customer system in some way. It may be, but is not necessarily, hardware or software related.

Response – For the purposes of this document a response is defined as the first response from the Supplier to the customer regarding an issue.


Service/Support Agreement:

The following detailed service parameters are the responsibility of the Supplier in the on-going support of this Agreement.

Support Scope:

The Services include support of the application for the Customer.

The following Services are covered by this Agreement:

Upgrades to Housebuilder Pro proprietary components (if any) that provide the application will be reflected upon release in the application available to the Customer. If an impending upgrade may affect utilisation of the application, Housebuilder Pro will provide advance notice to the Customer.

  • Responses to submitted Issue Tickets and support requests emailed to a designated monitored support address.
  • Telephone support.
  • Remote assistance.
  • Planned or Emergency Onsite assistance (extra costs apply).

Support requests can include customer assistance, anomaly investigation, defect remediation or minor maintenance/enhancements. Software change requests of enough scope to warrant a new major or minor release of the Customer application are outside the scope of this Agreement and require a separate Agreement for an appropriate project. When an issue is traced to a software module, file or service that has been developed, modified, or provided by a party other than the Supplier, the Supplier will notify the Customer and assist in raising the issue with the third party, but the Supplier is not responsible for remediating defects in the module or file or service.

The monthly support fee confers upon the Customer the status of Premium support subscriber, so that the Customer takes precedence over Standard support subscribers in access to Housebuilder Pro expertise for resolution of high priority issues.

Service delivery is generally provided via tiered response. If the initial respondent is unable to resolve an issue or cannot resolve it in a timely way, Housebuilder Pro escalates the issue to higher expertise or assists the Customer in notification of the appropriate third-party vendor, as appropriate, until suitable closure is achieved.

Customer Requirements:

Customer responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:

Reasonable availability of customer representative(s) when resolving a service-related incident or request.

Make available an environment which mimics the live environment, so issues can be safely replicated, and fixes safely tested by the Supplier.

Supplier Requirements:

Supplier responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:

Meet response times associated with service-related incidents.

Where appropriate, make changes or recommend changes to remediate issues.

Service Assumptions:

Assumptions related to in-scope services and/or components include:

Changes to Services will be communicated and documented to all stakeholders. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, telephone numbers or the URL for online entry of Issue Tickets.

Service Management: 

Effective support of in-scope services is a result of maintaining consistent service levels. The following sections provide relevant details on support availability, monitoring of in-scope services and related components.

Support Availability:

Normal Service Hours are defined as 09:00 to 17:30 GMT on standard UK business days (Monday to Friday, excepting public holidays). Coverage parameters specific to the services covered in this Agreement are as follows:

  • Updates to the Customer application will be announced in advance to the Customer if such updates may affect Customer utilisation of the customer application
  • Issue Ticket / Support Requests via Email
  • Issue Ticket / Support Requests via Telephone support

Service Requests:

Service requests, referred to as Issues, are to be prioritized as follows:

  • Priority One (P1) issues render the application unable to deliver its services to the Customer. Examples include ‘system down’ or ‘data corrupt’.
  • Priority Two (P2) issues cause application degradation resulting in an ability to function but at a reduced level, or a partial loss of service.
  • Priority Three (P3) issues have minor functionality impact or could result in loss of resilience.
  • Other (P4) issues include cosmetic items, change requests regarding desired enhancements to the application, and all other issues.

In support of services outlined in this Agreement, the Supplier will respond to Issues submitted by the Customer, based on the priority level of the issue and the day/time when the issue is escalated to the Supplier, in accordance with the service coverage plan contracted by the Customer:

Table 1 Response Times during Normal Service Hours:

PriorityInitial ResponseDescription
P1Within 2 business daysHousebuilder Pro will strive to resolve P1 issues quickly on a best endeavors’ basis. If an issue traces to a problem outside Housebuilder Pro ’s control, resolution may depend upon the outside party’s support hours and services.
P2Within 30 business daysIf an issue traces to a problem outside Housebuilder Pro ’s control, resolution may depend upon the outside party’s support hours and services.
P3Within 50 business daysIf an issue traces to a problem outside Housebuilder Pro ’s resolution may depend upon the outside party’s support hours and services.
P4Within 365 business days 

Issue Resolution:

In the event an issue is raised for the Supplier’s attention, the Supplier will make appropriate changes to the application configuration and/or software or escalate to any outside party which proves to be responsible for the issue, or make appropriate explanations or recommendations to the Customer, as appropriate.