How Housebuilder Pro helps your team with marketing

Housebuilder Pro accelerates the new home sales process from before foundation to beyond completion. But our system doesn’t just speed up tasks in your jobs such as reservations and aftercare. It brings your entire team onto the same page by leveraging cloud-based technology.  Once place it helps your new homes business be the best it can be – is in marketing. In this article, we’re going to discuss how Housebuilder Pro helps your marketing team produce better campaigns, work in tandem with a sales team and reduce mistakes.

Marketing and Sales working together

Housebuilder Pro brings your entire team together to build your business. Every prospective new contact that you acquire enters Housebuilder Pro with their marketing consent marked against them. With your sales team using Housebuilder Pro, contacts that become leads and buyers are marked in the system, against their plot leaving your team to take care of them. But for marketing, this means you’ve got an active database of potential customers. This means you can refine your audience over time and better still pass qualified leads on to your sales team.

What marketing tools does Housebuilder Pro offer?

Housebuilder Pro offers the functionality to contact potential customers directly through the system with branded emails. However, if your team want to use other tools to assist in email marketing we offer this as well. We integrate with SendGrid, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, enabling your team to run advanced email marketing campaigns with the added refinements that come from the added intelligence the Housebuilder Pro contact system offers.

How does Housebuilder Pro help me list my properties?

Our platform also integrates with Rightmove to list your developments, drawing the information from Housebuilder Pro that you’ve already put into the system – this means no copy and pasting and most importantly no mistakes made in this process. On every plot and development in Housebuilder Pro there’s only ever one source of truth – so no contradictory messages. As a result, your team save time and remove mistakes in your listings.

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