Housebuilder Pro: Unlimited usage with unlimited results

It’s a pretty common practice in software, be that with an international SaaS provider or a niche CRM built for your sector, to suck you in with lofty promises and a low-price tag. However, there are strict limits left on your account that limit your access to the platform and constrain your company’s growth.

It’s a little uncouth to talk about money, but it’s a vital part of many business’s decision process. Within construction and new homes management many software providers charge by different metrics, such as per development or project, or even by the contact and then charge extra for new feature packages.

Halfway through your contract, you find yourself held back. You’ll find yourself needing to pay more for extra contacts or projects. Locked out of this release’s latest feature until you reach for your wallet.

This is often detrimental to businesses, leaving them afraid of fully using a system in their organisation out of fear of a large monthly invoice or subscription. As a result, businesses don’t experience the full potential of a platform.

At Housebuilder Pro we’re committed to not only being the most innovative software provider in the new homes management space, but also different and above all else honest and transparent.

We never gatekeep new Housebuilder Pro features, when something is added to the platform all our customers receive it.

So last year when we launched tools like our Part L system or complaints module, both were available to users of the system. Exactly the same as our new mobile app, available to all our system’s users.

Secondly, the price you pay is the price you pay. Add in as many contacts as you like, as many users as you want, all the developments you’re working on. We want you to grow. Housebuilder Pro commits to enabling this and this is one of many ways of doing it.

Our housebuilders aren’t afraid of the growth in their business that they receive by embracing Housebuilder Pro and the digital transformation this platform provides.

If you’d like to learn more about Housebuilder Pro and its innovative use of apps and web portals – get in touch with the team here.




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