Risby Homes, a Housebuilder Pro success story

Many of the smaller housebuilders joining Housebuilder Pro come from a background without a cohesive system, instead they’ve built their business with a range of spreadsheets and paper-based systems.

While initially viable this path often overwhelms builders as the number of plots and leads add up. To continue to scale their business they need to look beyond this. One of these customers that’s seen great success with this is Risby Homes. Using Housebuilder Pro, they’ve found ways to save time and improve their customer service by utilising our system.

Jemima Clarke, Risby Homes’ Customer Experience Manager said: “The transition from Excel/Google Sheets has been so beneficial, reducing time spent trying to pull outstanding task reports for our contractors, tracking trends in reoccurring snags with ease and the ability to add plenty of detail, images and related communications for all snagging items in one place. This saves me so much time and effort, and means I have one central place to upload everything now with a consistent reporting process and appearance when sending out to our sub-contractors.”

Housebuilder Pro offers a range of different solutions that cater directly to builders such as Risby Homes. Take for example our reports tool, companies such as Risby Homes benefit from having access to all their business’ data at the press of a button.

As an end-to-end new homes software solution, Housebuilder Pro covers the entire customer journey from before foundation to beyond completion. Pivotal to this is customer relationship management, getting ahead of problems is the most important part of keeping customers happy. As a result, Housebuilder Pro offers tools for aftercare, and complaints management and is an NHQB accredited supplier.

Jemima continued: “There are also icons on the plot files to show when snags are overdue, the automatic due date generator saves so much time too and means we can keep track of snagging and notice anywhere that we’re behind. Being able to pull a report and send it out to contractors in minutes has reduced the time and effort I used to have to spend chasing them up twice weekly and allows for me to identify and emphasise any jobs that are overdue or coming up to being so.”

Risby Homes has been with Housebuilder Pro since December 2022, and have been a brilliant customer to have on board. Adopting the system across their numerous departments, and pioneering in their use of new features added to the Housebuilder Pro platform.

Speaking about Housebuilder Pro’s team Jemima said: “The team at HBP are great, always happy to help and really quick at coming back to me with any queries, always a pleasure to catch up and see what we’ve all been up to. I look forward to seeing what else they have in store in the future as they’re trailblazing so far!”.

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