Streamlining development and plot management

For many companies that we work with, they’ve long lived in a world of spreadsheets and extreme email inbox management. But as their business has grown this was no longer cost-effective. An alternative had to be provided. Housebuilder Pro is a software that provides quick administration of your developments, allowing you to add new properties in seconds ready for your build and sales workflows to begin. We allow you to monitor the progress of your developments in real-time, and view live data for each development with a total plot overview, including how close each plot is to sale completion and build completion.

Why do new home companies need software for development and plot management?

In the new home construction industry, the key to sustained success lies not only in building brilliant homes but also in the meticulous management of sales and aftercare processes. As we step into 2024, the imperative for new home companies is to streamline these crucial aspects of their operations. Housebuilder Pro, with its expertise in empowering builders, presents a compelling case for the strategic importance of refining sales and aftercare processes for continued success in the coming year and beyond.

Why should this platform be Housebuilder Pro?

You can track build and sales statuses for each plot, for complete 360-degree visibility and understanding of your business. Each plot is given its activity stages, which are your sales progression checkpoints. As a plot progresses, each stage is updated, indicating to all your staff how close a plot is to completion. This can also be tracked in our Customer Portal, if you provide your buyer with access to this.

At Housebuilder Pro we’ve worked tirelessly to make the system as clear and efficient as possible, our design team have incorporated the overview screens at every part of the system, to enable this. If you need more detailed information than this our handy suite of reports is our users’ first port of call for detailed business intelligence for empowered decision making.

Reservation forms, floorplans and handover certificates are stored against each property, for all those associated with the sale to view and download at their will. Activity stages, build stages and the latest signed documents can be shared with buyers at the click of a button, utilising our Customer Portal as the medium. This provides the buyer with next-level customer service, all whilst reducing the amount of phone calls your sales teams will need to make to keep buyers in the loop.

This portal allows customers to have a more personalized new-home buying experience by giving them the ability to choose optional extras without needing to ring sales teams or travel to sales offices. Customers can choose and customize their home at a time that suits them, from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. The portal also allows customers to view their latest documents, add aftercare snags for site review, and make decisions on product choices and extras, all on a unique platform built to revolutionize the customer journey for new home buyers.

Housebuilder Pro stores all your customers’ choices and extras ready for construction and handover. You can show the customer their product options using the system, whether they are included or optional extras. This feature helps to provide an outstanding customer experience while also preventing sales teams from having to make unnecessary phone calls and appointments in what can be a complicated administrative process.

Each of these aspects feeds into the rest of Housebuilder Pro – it’s best to think of it like a Russian Doll, with its numerous interconnected layers. This creates a cohesive, end-to-end platform that enables you to take a customer through the entire sales journey with ease. Or as we say – from foundation, to beyond completion.

Housebuilder Pro is much more than a CRM, a software solution built by housebuilders for housebuilders. To find out more about how it can improve your business, book a demo here or contact us by email at

If you’d like to learn more about Housebuilder Pro and our plans for 2024 you can book a demo here, or email and the team will get back to you touch.


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