Housebuilder Pro pledges support to Armed Forces community by joining the Armed Forces Covenant

Housebuilder Pro proudly announces its pledge of support to the armed forces community by joining the Armed Forces Covenant. This significant step reflects Housebuilder Pro’s commitment to ensuring that members of the armed forces community are treated with fairness and equality, both within the company and in the wider community.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a voluntary pledge that organizations make to uphold the principles of fair treatment and opportunity for the armed forces community, ensuring that no member faces disadvantage in accessing public or commercial services. By joining the covenant, Housebuilder Pro aims to contribute to the broader effort of recognizing and honouring the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve in the armed forces.

We understand how important the Covenant is for new home builders, many of our customers’ site staff come from forces backgrounds as well as their administration and sales teams and as a result seek to make the same commitments.

Housebuilder Pro as a product of the full-service custom software agency Shoothill can find its core values in the armed forces. Rod Plummer, Shoothill’s Managing Director and Nick Taylor, Sales Director of Housebuilder Pro both served in the Royal Navy. It is the core principles of discipline, organisation and planning that have driven both Shoothill and Housebuilder Pro’s successes.

Nick Taylor said: “By signing the Armed Forces Covenant, we are making a commitment to actively support the armed forces community, both in our workplace and in the wider community. We want to ensure that those who have served or are currently serving receive the respect, opportunities, and support they deserve.”

Housebuilder Pro is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment for veterans and military families. The company believes that the unique skills, leadership qualities, and dedication acquired through military service enrich the workplace and contribute to the success and diversity of its teams.

As Housebuilder Pro continues to develop and grow as a company this is one of the numerous exciting commitments and developments that Housebuilder Pro intends on making both to the new homes industry and the nation at large.


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