Aftercare snags – a deep dive

Housebuilder Pro streamlines the new homes sales process from foundation to beyond completion.

An excellent idea and phrase that captures the essence of the Housebuilder Pro platform. But what does “beyond completion”, actually mean?

In short, the aftercare process of the new homes sales process. As a new home builder, you’ll of course be aware that your properties must come with warranties and with new regulations like Building Regulations 40, you must meet certain quality levels.

But when things don’t go to plan, contractors fall short, or the inevitable happens, like when a home buyer finds a leaky pipe or a wonky light switch. You need a comprehensive solution to manage this.

Enter Housebuilder Pro and its comprehensive aftercare solution. Streamlining the management of these issues, allowing your team to get these problems sorted and keep your customers happy.

With access to our mobile-friendly customer portal, your customers can log a snag they’ve encountered directly into the Housebuilder Pro system.

Here, the relevant member of your staff receives a notification of the issue, allowing them to get this problem assigned to either staff or an external contractor.

From within the system, your team not only can set a timeframe to get the problem sorted, and have the ability to monitor resolution progress. But with the notification system, they are actively ushered through their workflow, meaning that no customer is left behind or forgotten.

This process allows full compliance with the key principles of the New Homes Quality Code, just one of the ways the system supports home builders who are members of the New Homes Quality Board.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The Housebuilder Pro system reduces the need for your team to check on repairs by physically visiting properties. When action is taken to resolve a snag, a photo of the work taken is required in the Housebuilder Pro system.

This not only means you have easy access to records stored in the cloud. But your team receive notifications to sign off on work done, allowing them to provide excellent customer care and approve invoices.

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