Why comprehensive software platforms beat out niche solutions in business

The advantages of having a ‘comprehensive’ software solution are easy to see.

There are many systems out there that focus on certain parts of the ‘new home build and sale journey’, but these systems often don’t involve all stakeholders because of their narrowly focused nature.

Various departments and teams are ultimately working towards the same goal, so why shouldn’t they work in the same system? Using different systems to perform different functions introduces just as many barriers that they break down.

Information is passed along the line from site to customer in many instances, particularly build progress. Using one system per function relies on users to carry out tasks outside of the system to ensure important information is communicated. Comprehensive systems remove this requirement, as all parties see updated information in real-time on their own version of the system – whether that be decision makers, sales teams or even the customers themselves via a customer portal.

Housebuilder Pro does exactly this; centralising sales, construction progress, snag updates, finance, and legal documentation all in one place, to be viewed by all relevant parties as soon as the information has been made available by other teams within the same organisation.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Housebuilder Pro and parent company Shoothill®, has always thought about the bigger picture with regards to software, purely out of experience:

Shoothill®, Housebuilder Pro’s parent company, deliver bespoke software services, which is where our experience and history lies. What we tend to find with clients is that they start out with a very specific requirement. They come to us with a specific problem that needs solving, but then overtime, their requirements grow as their business expands. So, in our experience, the best long-term solution is nearly always one that covers as much business workflow as possible.

When it came to designing Housebuilder Pro, we wanted a system that covered all these bases for the client right from the beginning.

Ultimately, we want to deliver a system that doesn’t just solve problems, but also shows users better ways of managing other parts of their process. That way, over time, users grow into the software and receive value in other unexpected ways.”

If you would like to take a closer look at Housebuilder Pro, you can book a free demo by clicking here.


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