The importance of unrestricted customer relationship management

Housebuilder Pro will never place limits on contacts, developments, or plots.

When we launched back in 2018, we had a vision – to build an all-in-one solution for new home builders that could scale with the client, not independently of the client. We still have that vision, and we are delivering. As you expand, you will never be charged more for data you keep in the system. This is not a common business model in the CRM and project management software space. We believe this is wrong, and we want to help bring around change. What benefits will this model have on residential developers?

Costs are more consistent

Peaks and troughs of success are expected in any business. Last year (2021) was the busiest period for the UK housing market since 2006. Nobody knows what could happen this year, nobody knows what could happen next year. Keeping prices as consistent as possible is important in helping you prepare for the future.

Pricing models that are bound by number of contacts (as an example) can be frustrating. Scenarios where builders need only a few more contacts but are forced to upgrade to a whole new package are possible. This is poor value for money and can be off-putting, particularly for smaller housebuilders.

Maximise efficiency and growth

Particularly after the explosion of demand we experienced as an industry last year, being able to scale up quickly is essential. If your CRM product is too generic and struggles to facilitate your own unique growth due to paywalls and restricted data entry, you are preparing yourself for higher costs down the line, and loss of time upgrading your system and retraining staff. It is better to go with a system that you will only need to learn once, and never need to upgrade. Your future self will thank you!

Trust and reliability

When you purchase a product, you expect to receive the best value possible for your investment. Products like project management software systems are designed to be used in their entirety; being able to use systems only partially is counter-intuitive to the whole purpose of the having system in the first place. Project management and CRM systems are supposed to speed up and streamline your processes, not replace one limitation with another.

We believe in a system that can scale with your business. Limitless development and plot management, limitless CRM functionality for new home property developers – only with Housebuilder Pro. Book a free demo here.


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