Galion Ltd next on board with Housebuilder Pro

Galion Ltd, based in Glastonbury, Somerset are well known for their characterful bespoke builds that complement the area’s stunning rural scenery. We are proud to welcome them to the Housebuilder Pro ecosystem.

Nick Taylor, Head of Business Development at Housebuilder Pro said:

“I reached out to Victoria Creber who is the Sales & Marketing Director at Galion and within a day we had a demo scheduled. This is such a fantastic result for both parties. We can’t wait to see how Galion will benefit from the system down the line.”

Galion Homes’ ethos surrounding quality meant that Housebuilder Pro sparked their interest quickly. Galion are always searching for new ways to improve the house buyer journey and their day-to-day property management.

Sean Martin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Galion Homes had this to say:

“We love how user-friendly Housebuilder Pro is. It’s very easy to use; some CRM software overcomplicates things, but Housebuilder Pro simplifies the process and information is readily available for a multitude of job roles across the business.

We like that various departments can utilise the system and brings it all under one roof, maximising efficiency. We also like that the customer can get updates through their portal – exceptional customer service is paramount to us and anything that enhances our customer journey is welcomed.

We are excited about the partnership going forward; we love to work with companies who understand us and our brand. As we grow, we know that Housebuilder Pro will be able to grow with us making our business even more streamlined and efficient across all areas of the business.”

Looking for a way to transform your own customer journey as house builders? Get to know Housebuilder Pro.


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