Housebuilder Pro’s Rightmove integration

Housebuilder Pro allows all essential processes of the new home build, sale and aftercare process to take place in one centralised system. We could not achieve this without integrating the UK’s number one property website, Rightmove.

Rightmove have well over a million properties listed on its website in any given period. With that much buying and selling potential, Rightmove has become the number one place to sell homes for new home builders across the UK.

How does Housebuilder Pro’s Rightmove integration work?

It’s simple.

New home construction companies list their properties and developments on Rightmove. Prospective customers fill in an enquiry form to get in touch with the company on property listings. On successful completion and submission of the lead form, a new contact is automatically generated in the Housebuilder Pro Contacts section, with the source of enquiry set to ‘Rightmove’.

Then, when sales teams log on to the system, their leads will be in front of them, without the need to search email inboxes or log onto Rightmove to document leads.

Housebuilder Pro also facilitates the capability to automatically import leads generated through your website.

Housebuilder Pro also integrates with Yourkeys and Mailchimp.

To learn more about Housebuilder Pro, click here. To book a free demo of the software, click here.


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