British homes are designed to always keep heat in… is it time to rethink?

What an incredible few days of weather he have had here in UK. On Sunday, the highest temperature recorded was 31.6°C and on Monday it was around the same. The heatwave is expected to continue in the coming days. Impacting British Homes heavily.

Do you find yourself wondering why these temperatures feel hotter than they do abroad? Simply, it is because of the way we manage temperature here in the UK.

Our buildings are designed to keep heat in, and air conditioning is just not common in UK homes. Is it time for this to change?

According to a study, the average UK temperature during summer’s hottest month could reach 27°C by 2050. With a lot of us working from home permanently, it might be time to start taking temperature more seriously.

The ideal temperature for productivity is 22°C. In June, July and August, 19-21°C is considered normal.With our lack of air conditioning and our current approach to housing insulation, these temperatures are close to becoming too high for what is considered optimal working temperatures. By 2070, summer temperatures could be over 5°C hotter.

At what point should air conditioning become the norm in UK homes?

As a result of the record-breaking summer in 2018, a report by MPs found that an extra 5,000 people could be killed each year by 2050 because of heatwaves. Currently, around 9,000 deaths are caused by cold homes each year. Understandably, low temperatures are the focus in the construction of new homes, with central heating systems being prioritised. However, over the next 20 years, we could be seeing high temperatures become just as dangerous.

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