Housebuilder Pro’s free Site Tracker goes live

Housebuilder Pro has developed a new QR code-based visitor and contractor registration system called Site Tracker. We are incredibly proud and excited to release this today for housing development organisations nation-wide. Site Tracker allows you to track guests as they arrive and leave your sites and offices, whilst your visitors and contractors simply have to scan the system generated QR code and choose whether they are signing in or signing out.

Nick Taylor, Business Development Manager at Housebuilder Pro states that “All visitors need to sign in and out to the site offices daily, but this can be challenging to maintain in light of current restrictions without touching registers, sign-in sheets and sharing of pens”.

“We have developed the app to reduce these issues whilst maintaining all legal and health & safety requirements for site use. It is our way of helping during these difficult and complex times. We are incredibly excited to get this out there”.

Just seven days ago, the BBC published an article regarding the current success of the housing industry despite the pandemic, in which Halifax states that “The average UK home costs more than £250,000” while simultaneously boasting a 7.5% increase in average price compared to October of last year.

Nick Taylor commented: “With the current success of the housing market, we want to ensure that COVID-19 has as little impact as possible down the line. Site Tracker is here for that purpose”.

Housebuilder Pro Site Tracker is free to use and you can register your company today. For more information, visit the Site Tracker tab on our home page.

For business enquiries and more information, contact or get in touch with us by phone at 01743 644821.

Image: Housebuilder Pro’s Site Tracker in action


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