Wavensmere Homes next major housing development firm to introduce Housebuilder Pro software to their systems

• Wavensmere Homes of Warwickshire takes on Housebuilder Pro software, having spotted a kaizen-style opportunity to transform their IT systems.

Donna Smith, Sales Director at Wavensmere Homes, said: “Wavensmere Homes have specialised in unique renovation projects since 2004 and with our company growing at the rate it is, we knew we needed to take our CRM system to the next level and were impressed to learn that Housebuilder Pro could not only completely fulfil all our CRM needs, but that it can do so much more. The beauty of Housebuilder Pro is that it displays all construction, sales, customer and aftercare data all in one place, allowing development firms like ours to access vitally important information quickly, from not only the sales office, but also on-site”.

Nick Taylor, Business Development Manager at Housebuilder Pro stated: “We are incredibly proud and excited to be able to work with such a well-established UK housing development firm such as Wavensmere Homes and securing such a prestigious company as a new customer for Housebuilder Pro only further validates the need for this amazing software out there”.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer at Shoothill, said: “The housing development industry is large and complex and so we’re delighted to help firms like Wavensmere and make their lives easier. After only a few months since launching Housebuilder Pro, it seems that this software has a really exciting future”.

Further information about Housebuilder Pro can be found here.


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