SJ Roberts Homes onboard with Housebuilder Pro

SJ Roberts Homes Ltd has become one of the first companies to capitalise on the unique benefits offered by Housebuilder Pro (HBP) – a pioneering software solution for property developers.

Housebuilder Pro is the first software product developed in partnership with the house-building industry. SJ Roberts Homes, a well-established independent house builder, decided to capitalise on this intuitive software, which was created by fellow Shropshire business, Shoothill.

Managing Director of SJ Roberts Homes, Mike Sambrook, commented: “We were very impressed when we saw what Housebuilder Pro could do. We’re looking forward to using it to enhance both our business and customer experience. At SJ Roberts Homes, we are determined to strengthen our local supply chain, and Shoothill – along with their excellent software – fits the bill perfectly.”

HBP represents a much-needed digital transformation to house-building, a process which has previously relied heavily on paperwork. Utilising a software solution allows for better organisation, a more efficient workflow, and provides vigorous support for team members and customers alike.

As part of the SJ Roberts Group, SJ Roberts Homes have significant and extensive property development experience and are keen to take steps to ensure they are delivering the best quality service.

By offering a swifter and simpler means to manage projects end-to-end, construction to aftercare, Shoothill’s software will empower SJ Roberts Homes to continue delivering excellent service to their customers. The software is designed to enhance the efficiency of their sales process and to guide team members in assuring perfect attentiveness to customers’ needs.

“SJ Roberts Homes is an enterprising group with a lot of valuable experience,” said Simon Jeavons, COO at Shoothill. “We expect Housebuilder Pro to assist them in best capitalising upon their skills and expanding their firm even further.”


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