View insightful and detailed customer reports on

  • buyer positions

  • sales statuses

  • sources of enquiries

  • contact statuses

  • new contact creation data

  • property interest

  • sales forecasting

  • snag types

  • resolution times and build statuses

so you can identify trends, monitor corporate performance and get total transparency over your business processes - in real-time.

Feature Highlights

Contact interest data at your fingertips. Gather insight on the amount of contacts interested in a development right down to a specific day in a given month

View sources of enquiry data of all contacts, allowing you to track your sales and marketing progress

Get a clear look at customer sales statuses relevant to specific developments and plots, so you know which crucial steps to take next

Get sales forecasting insights for each plot under each development, including sales prices, deposits, exchange dates and completion dates - to aid your accounting efforts

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