Assign notifications to members of your team that utilise Housebuilder Pro, allowing them to receive updates on critical customer checkpoints and essential changes to the system. Receive updates on

  • New or updated contacts

  • Reserved plots

  • Completed customer choices

  • Exchanged plots

  • Completed plots

  • Newly issued technical drawings

  • Revised technical drawings

  • New inspection snags

  • Resolved inspection snags

  • New aftercare snags

  • Resolved aftercare snags

Feature Highlights

Housebuilder Pro's notifications tab

Admins can turn on specific notifications for their users. Begin typing their name to receive a suggested user

You can also locate the desired user using the list of users under notification settings

An image showing Housebuilder Pro users being eligible to receive notifications
A close up of notification options in Housebuilder Pro

Once you have found your desired notification recipient, edit their preferences by ticking the dedicated box for each system notification type

The user will then receive instant notifications to their device via email, allowing them to think and act quickly to updates made to your Housebuilder Pro system

Housebuilder Pro notifications in an email

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